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Secure Terraform - Part 1 - tfsec

5 minute read

This blog was posted as part of the Festive Tech Calendar 2022. I really want to thank the organizers for helping set this up!

Multiple Domains on GitHub Pages

3 minute read

Something I found out after moving from Wordpress to GitHub Pages is that out of the box you can only host a single domain for a repo with GitHub Pages. This...

Customizing the Jekyll Theme

2 minute read

I haven’t done a lot with jekyll in the past, but I’m a big fan of MarkDown everything. For me that usually means I’m taking notes in markdown Obsidian, doin...

Migrating from WordPress to GitHub Pages

4 minute read

I’ve been hosting on WordPress for a while. I wanted something that worked pretty well and was easy to work with. I picked a decent theme, added some plugins...