CI/CD with GitHub Actions

Chris Ayers

Chris Ayers

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  • YAML
  • CI / CD
  • Actions Overview
  • Demos


Yet Another Markup Language

GitHub uses YAML for workflows

Demo: Online Parser

Feature Description
Lists Start with a –
Key-Value Key: value
Objects Objects:
Properties of objects

What is CI/CD?

Actions Overview

  • Live in the .github/workflows folder
  • Workflows are defined in YAML
  • Workflows are Event Driven

Events that trigger workflows

  • branch_protection_rule
  • checks
  • create
  • delete
  • deployment
  • discussion
  • fork
  • issue_comment
  • issues
  • label
  • page_build
  • pull_request
  • pull_request_review
  • pull_request_review_comment
  • push
  • release
  • schedule
  • status
  • workflow_call
  • workflow_dispatch


  • Events trigger workflows
  • Workflows contain jobs
  • Jobs contain steps
  • Steps are commands or actions


  • Workflows can contain multiple jobs
  • Jobs run in parallel by default
  • Each job runs on a Runner
  • Steps and Shell Commands run in sequence


  • Specify the type of runner with runs-on (e.g., ubuntu-latest).
  • GitHub provisions a new VM for each job.
  • Steps in a job share information using the runner's filesystem.
  • VM is decommissioned after job completion.

Supported runners and hardware

  • GitHub-hosted runner application is open source.
  • OS: Windows, Linux, and macOS
    • Runners include preinstalled software, updated weekly.
    • There are also Large Hosted Runners
  • Self-Hosted Runners
  • You can install additional software on runners.



Run Actions Locally



  • Never use structured data as a secret
  • Register all secrets used within workflows
  • Audit how secrets are handled
  • Use credentials that are minimally scoped
  • Audit and rotate registered secrets
  • Consider requiring review for access to secrets
  • Use an action instead of an inline script (recommended)
  • Use an intermediate environment variable
  • Use OpenID Connect to access cloud resources
  • Pin third-party actions to a full length commit SHA

Actions Updates - Dependabot

  • Actions are regularly updated for enhanced automation.
  • Dependabot keeps GitHub Actions references in workflow.yml up-to-date.
  • If newer action versions exist, Dependabot sends an update pull request.
  • Dependabot also updates git references for reusable workflows.


version: 2
  # See documentation for possible values
  - package-ecosystem: "github-actions"
    # Location of package manifests
    directory: "/" 
      interval: "weekly"



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Twitter: @Chris_L_Ayers
LinkedIn: - chris-l-ayers
GitHub: Codebytes

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